The Real-Time Cloud

Run your apps on the cloud designed for the Real-Time Web.

  • Lowest latency.
  • 400% CPU bursting for traffic spikes.
  • ZFS for 100% data integrity


Reliability & Resiliency

Fengqi.Asia ensures your data is consistent and safe through the powerful enterprise-grade ZFS file system that is trusted by financial institutions and the U.S. military to protect and preserve their most critical information. In the Fengqi.Asia, Cloud ZFS runs on top of a high performance local storage subsystem which results in high data resiliency and fidelity.

Performance and Scale

Premium Disk I/O and Network I/O accelerate all applications running in the Fengqi.Asia Cloud. Linux and Windows SmartMachines running on Fengqi.Asia's KVM hardware virtualization also enjoy lightning fast boot times. SmartOS SmartMachines extend this performance by allowing applications to instantly burst into large pools of CPU.

Know Everything

The Fengqi.Asia Cloud stack provides unparalleled transparency. Fengqi.Asia Cloud customers can use our Cloud Analytics software to generate powerful real-time graphs that take you from high level analysis down to the very process responsible for latency.


Fengqi.Asia SmartMachines run inside container-based virtualization. This virtualization system builds a digital "steel wall" around your application which protects you from malicious internal attacks. This layer of security formerly only offered in SmartOS SmartMachines is now provided to customers running Linux and Windows machines.