Game Cloud Cases

Digital Chocolate

Digital Chocolate is a leading provider of social games played across social networks and mobile platforms. The company’s top hits include Galaxy Life, Millionaire City, Zombie Lane, Army Attack, Crazy Penguin Wars, Tower Bloxx, and Rollercoaster Rush. The iPhone version of Rollercoaster Rush was a Top Five download in the Apple App Store – and is part of a franchise that has achieved more than 15 million downloads.

Digital Chocolate was the number one software company in App Store downloads in 2009, and was one of the fastest-growing publishers of Facebook social games with virtual goods in 2010. The company was founded in 2003 by Trip Hawkins, the founder of Electronic Arts, and has 300 employees.Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Digital Chocolate works with 200 leading web and mobile channel partners in 80 countries, and has offices in Finland, Spain, and India.

As the popularity of Digital Chocolate’s social games exploded, so did the company’s IT infrastructure costs. COO Jason Loia migrated his infrastructure to Joyent Cloud hoping to achieve new levels of reliability and performance while protecting Digital Chocolate’s profit margins across its games portfolio.


Quizlet is the world’s largest flashcards and study games website. The company has grown astronomically from 100 beta users in 2007 at launch to 6 million monthly unique visitors consuming over 60 million page views as of October 2011. Information on Quizlet ranges from middle school social studies to university-level Arabic to GRE prep. Quizlet is free to users and ad supported.

From middle school students to medical residents, Quizlet’s users have created over 7 million flash card sets incorporating more than 200 million terms and definitions. Built by founder Andrew Sutherland in 2005 as a way to study for his high-school French class, Quizlet now includes advanced progressive learning tools that identify and emphasize knowledge areas where the user is weaker. This speeds the learning process. Ad-supported Quizlet has scaled from 100 beta testers at launch in 2007 to 6 million monthly unique viewers consuming over 60 million page views as of October 2011.

Sleepy Giant

Sleepy Giant runs games. Working with top developers and publishers in the game industry, Sleepy Giant provides the tools and expertise to design, launch, operate, and expand game user bases. An independent online game company headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Sleepy Giant is the leading market partner in delivering games-as-a-service.

Other Cases

Reebonz - an eCommerce website saves 80% infrastructure cost with Fengqi.Asia


We helped Reebonz - a Singapore-based B2C online retailer client - to prepare for future growth. Before it stepped into Fengqi.Asia, this shopping platform was operated with a managed hosting provider. A major challenge they were facing was that the infrastructure failed to scale with traffic demand. Fengqi.Asia Cloud assisted the client to build a scalable architecture with our SmartMachines. Benchmark results showed that the new platform can scale reliably with the expected business growth.

More specifically, the client has reduced the computing resources from 240GB RAM (5 machines x 48 GB) for 5,000 simultaneous connections to 24GB RAM (6 SmartMachines x 4 GB). Memcache requirement has also been decreased from 5 x 4GB RAM to 5 x 2GB RAM. These imply an overall 80% saving of infrastructure cost. In addition, end-user latency and growing user numbers can now scales linearly rather than exponentially.

Significant cost saving

A mobile application uses ONE Node.js SmartMachines to replace a cluster

Before operating with Fengqi.Asia Cloud, a mobile app developer required a cluster of 20-30 instances on a public cloud to support 200K-300K concurrent connections. This complicated cluster architecture resulted in high cost of development and administration.

Fengqi.Asia Cloud helped the client to replace the connection layer with Node.js SmartMachine. This modification only took 1 engineer-week to complete all the related code changes and testing.

After switching to Fengqi.Asia, benchmark results showed only ONE 1GB RAM Node.js SmartMachine can handle over 500K concurrent connections and this has significantly reduced the number of instances the client required as well as the operation cost.

Significantly reduced the number of instances the client required as well as the operation cost