SmartOS SmartMachine


SmartMachines run applications very, very well. SmartMachines come with four very powerful characteristics which collectively set them apart from all other cloud computing services today, regardless of the operating system you choose to run.

1. Reliability and Resiliency. Starting with an enterprise grade file system and volume manager (ZFS) you are ensured absolute data integrity and consistency. ZFS running on top of the industry’s best hardware and networks means that your cloud service is incredibly reliable.

2. Performance and Scale. Run SmartOS SmartMachines to access dynamic bursting into large pools of CPU and intelligent data caching which accelerates Read I/O up to 15x.

3. Observability. New Fengqi.Asia Cloud Analytics provides the first ever tool that provides granular insights into real time latency from kernel to application. With this tool you can narrow down sources of latency to specific processes inside your SmartMachine and measure latency in milliseconds.

4. Security. Fengqi.Asia Cloud SmartMachines run in containers which effectively create a steel wall around your Joyent Machine Image (JMI). This prevents internal attacks and ensures you can run trusted applications in a multi-tenancy environment.


Performance Up to 15 x faster Disk I/O than AWS EC2
Up to 32% faster CPU performance than AWS EC2
Up to 73% faster Memory I/O than AWS EC2
Scaling Dynamic, real-time scaling up to 4 CPUs. Vertically resize your machine (including memory) without any interruption or reboot.
OS Joyent SmartOS pre-loaded and kernel maintained
Security Ultra-secure network with full VNIC control powered by Crossbow
Reliability Carrier-grade, running on top of ZFS
Miscellaneous 99.95% availability SLA for OS, hardware, and networking
Public/Private IP addresses
Intelligent data caching
100Mbps shared bandwidth (options available for larger or dedicated bandwidth)